The Journey to Revitalized Skin, Begins Here

A person’s beauty reflecting from the inside out has always been important to me. When I decided to attend aesthetics school and later get my laser license, I always knew helping people feel as beautiful on the outside as they were on the inside was a huge passion of mine. I grew to understand that not only did I believe in great skin care but self-improvement, as a whole. A few years ago, I decided to have cosmetic surgery and believe it was one of the best personal decisions I could have made. It changed my life and my self-esteem tremendously which amplified my desire to help others even more. After six years in the industry and a recent move from Austin, I find myself so blessed to have found The Retreat on West Magnolia. It’s such an honor to be working with Dr. McLaughlin, who is one of the most extraordinary plastic surgeons in the DFW. This truly is a place where I can not only share my passion and expertise of aesthetics, but also help boost self-confidence. I believe in everything we do and feel a special connection with the office and patients that I see.

So, what can we all agree on when it comes to life and skin? Well truth is we cannot change time; therefore, aging is inevitable. It is certain over time our collagen will break down and gravity is going to take its course, thus why not do everything we can to age gracefully? The sun and our day to day lifestyle plays a huge factor on damaged skin which causes unwelcomed hyperpigmentation and wrinkles to appear. Why not take that the first step to improving your skin by getting on a proper skin care regimen? What are some of the options we have available to preserve our collagen; how can we easily rebuild it? What is the best way to lighten sun spots up or better yet, make them disappear? There are so many solutions to these questions and I am eager to share them with you.

One of my favorite treatments that we offer is Hydrafacial. This medical grade facial is suitable for all skin types and will leave you undeniably glowing! Hydrafacial includes deep exfoliation that will leave your skin immaculate. Then, a combination of glycolic acid and salicylic acid peel that targets, aids and brightens the skin and reduces build up that contributes to black heads and break outs. A solution is applied to soften the pores and allow the suction to extract and clean out impurities and an infusion of anti- oxidants brighten the skin and helps reverse the signs of aging. Hydrafacial includes substantial upgrades the can be customized to anyone’s skin needs from teens to adult mature skin. My favorite of these is the CTGF serum which has human growth factors to plump the skin and work on reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Britenol is a great addition to a Hydrafacial as well. It’s perfect for fall and winter months as it brightens the skin and jump starts the reduction of the appearance of sun spots. There are customizable upgrades suited for anyone making it ideal for anyone who does not want any downtime after a skin treatment.


The Retreat on West Magnolia is privileged in guiding you to healthier, more radiant skin. Let your beauty glow from the inside out, do it for you because you deserve it. This month we are offering $25 gift vouchers with every $100 dollars you spend in gift certificates. We offer an array of skin care products, procedures, and full body massage. Your loved one can book a complimentary consultation at The Retreat and pick which service they would like to use their gift certificate on. We are pleased to announce the beginning our monthly blogs from The Retreat team. Stay connected by following us on Facebook & Instagram for the latest updates and specials.

Stay Beautiful,

Emilie Bownds
Medical Aesthetician