Let’s Talk Feminine Rejuvenation

It’s no secret that age and motherhood can take a toll on the body. This Mother’s Day treat yourself to the mommy makeover you deserve. ThermiVa is the prefect addition to complete your Mommy Makeover with Dr. McLaughlin at West Magnolia Plastic Surgery or as a stand-alone procedure to bring back your confidence.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a part of the Thermi Aesthetics family along with ThermiTightThermiSmoothBody, and ThermiSmoothFace which are also offered at The Retreat. ThermiVa utilizes radio frequency energy to gently heat tissue.


Here are 5 reasons why ThermiVa is a game changer for feminine rejuvenation:



Ease of Treatment – It’s quick and painless!

ThermiVa is quick and easy for women of all ages. There is no downtime! It’s non-invasive which means there is no post procedure healing time needed. You can exercise, have sex and return to all your regular activities immediately following the treatment. There is no anesthesia, numbing injections or creams necessary because ThermiVa does not cause any pain or discomfort. No need to take off work or change your lifestyle…ThermiVa can be performed in under an hour in the comfort of the Retreat medical spa with our Thermi certified Medical Aesthetician, Emilie.

Stops Urinary Incontinence

Does just the thought of doing jumping jacks make you have to pee? Many women are affected by urinary incontinence after childbirth or as a result of aging. ThermiVa can help you say goodbye leaks and sudden accidents by strengthening your vaginal wall and pelvic floor without going under the knife. Patient’s have reported improved muscular coordination around the bladder.

Improves the Appearance of the Vaginal Area

With summer just weeks away, we are all thinking about being bikini ready. Wearing a swimsuit can be intimidating and uncomfortable. In addition to swimwear, many women’s go-to outfit may contain yoga pants or leggings. These types of clothing can cause women to be more self-conscious about the outward appearance of the vaginal area. ThermiVa is one of the only vaginal treatments that can be used to tighten the inner and outer vaginal area.

Restores Moisture

Menopause and age can bring many unwelcome changes, including loss of genital muscle tone and vaginal dryness. This can be uncomfortable and irritating! After a series of ThermiVa treatments, the female genital issue will be tighter and natural vaginal lubrication can also be restored.

Improves Intimacy

ThermiVa can enhance you and your partners sex life! The vagina feels fuller, tighter, and smoother after ThermiVa. The enhanced moisture is another added benefit that can aid intimacy. ThermiVa is said to be “Husband Approved”…so tell him what your really want for Mother’s Day.


Book a consultation to start your rejuvenation journey. The Retreat is conveniently located in the medical district of downtown Fort Worth, Texas, adjacent to West Magnolia Plastic Surgery. Gift certificates are available in monetary amounts or procedure specific.

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